Tips About How to Send Sweet Texts to Your Boyfriend

Crafting the perfect text to send a loved one takes only a few minutes. The effort to do so will keep the sender in the mind of their boyfriend and can help to brighten his day. Messages that positively impact the receiver give the sender happiness too. To achieve this type of reaction, girlfriends only need to follow a few guidelines.

Keep it Short

Text messages were designed to be short, so try not to type an essay when sending sweet texts to your boyfriend. A sentence or two is enough to get the message across about how much their presence and personality means.

Send Limited Numbers

Try to send only one or two love texts a day. Bombarding a loved one with dozens of heartfelt texts every day may make the recipient feel overwhelmed. Send these types of messages only when you are apart for at least several hours. If he is only planning a couple of hours out with the guys, an expressive love text can seem too needy.

Focus on Him

In any text, it is easy to launch into a discussion about how the day has gone, what they need to remember, and more. Avoid this mistake. These texts should have the sole purpose of telling him how wonderful he is.

Make it Flirty

Make certain every personal talk of this type mentions the feelings he evokes and how his personality makes it hard to ever be away from him. Avoid tapping out a generic and boring “thinking of you” text.

Get help with the wording of the first few texts if you are not comfortable communicating this way. In the beginning, some people lack the confidence to use their own words. After sending a few pre-written texts, it becomes much easier to understand how to craft personalized love notes. Finally, avoid asking if he received the text and if he liked it. Stay silent on the matter and let him come to you or look carefully at the wording of his responses. A flirtier or more romantic text than usual, or him mentioning the text he received, will show the comments grabbed his attention and made him feel good.